Midas Onehunga Business

This Midas was the first ever Midas in NZ, established in 1988 and been here ever since, it has been through a number of owners in its time, but currently Owned by Grant & Sharon Hodgson "We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, when our customer is happy we are happy."

Hodgson Family

Grant & I met 14 years ago at Western Springs Speedway, both being brought up around motorsport it was obvious that our destiny was going to be based around cars. After being together 4 years we had our first child Harry and shortly after decided to purchase our own workshop (Midas Onehunga). 

We then adopted more to our family with Paul who was with the previous franchise owner and his family Lele & Agnus. Whilst living above the workshop we worked hard to make ends meet and bring Midas Onehunga back to its former glory days. Once we were happy with the way our business was going and 5 years after the first born we decided to have another, it was a really nice experience to go thru with so many loving customers and employees who obviously watched me grow and in 2010 little Sally joined the forever growing Midas family.

The kids have now become as popular in the community as Grant & I which is an extremely humbling feeling. Seeing our children growing up around our workshop, having Harry now learning about the mechanics of cars and Sally wanting to run the place makes us proud of everything we have achieved here.

"We have come to the realisation that to be a rich person is not necessarily how much money you have in the bank or what type of car you drive but more about happiness, love & family. That is what makes you rich"



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